• What makes a good student?(どうすれば良い生徒になるか)
  • What role should the teacher have in the classroom?(先生は学校ではどのような役目であるべきか)
  • Do you think computers will one day replace teachers in the classroom?(いつの日か人ではなくコンピューターが先生になると思うか)
  • How has teaching changed in your country in the last few decades?(過去数十年であなたの国の教育はどう変わったのか)
  • What is the difference between the way children learn and the way adults learn?(子供の学び方と大人の学び方は何が違うか)
  • How can a teacher make lessons for children more interesting?(どうすれば先生は授業をより楽しいものにできるか)


  • Do you think job satisfaction is more important than salary when choosing a job?(仕事を選ぶとき、給料よりも仕事への満足度が重要と思うか)
  • What skills do you think are needed to get a good job these days?(最近の求職で必要なスキルはなんだと思うか)
  • Do you think women should be able to do all the same jobs that men do?(女性に対して男性と同じ仕事をできるようにするべきと思うか)
  • How has technology changed the way we work?(科学技術はどのように私たちの働き方を変えているか)
  • What is the difference between white collar and blue collar jobs?(ホワイトカラーとブルーカラーの違いは何か)
  • What jobs do you think are most valuable to society?(社会で最も価値のある仕事は何だと思うか?)


  • How can people improve their health?(どのように人は自信の健康を向上させるか)
  • Do elderly people do much exercise in your counrtry?(あなたの国では年配の人たちはよく運動をするか)
  • Do you think all illness can be prevented?(すべての病気は予防できると思うか)
  • Do you think health care should be free?(医療は無料であるべきだと思うか)
  • What makes a good doctor?(何が良い医者をつくるか)


  • What are the main environmental problems in your country?(あなたの国で主な環境問題は何か)
  • Why should people be concerned about the environment?(なぜ人は環境について心配するべきなのか)
  • How can people protect the environment?(どのように人は環境を守ることができるか)
  • Do you think money should be spent on protecting animals?(動物を守るためにお金は使われるべきだと思うか)
  • What do you think people should do to protect natural beauty spots in your country?(あなたの国の美しい場所を守るために人々は何をすべきだと思うか)


  • Do you think diet is important?(食事は大事だと思うか)
  • What is a balanced diet?(バランスのとれた食事は何か)
  • What is the typical diet of people in your country?(あなたの国で一般的な食事は何か?)
  • Do many people eat in restaurants in your country?(あなたの国では多くの人が飲食店で食べるか)
  • Why do some people enjoy eating out?(なぜ人は外食を楽しむのか)
  • What’s the difference between restaurant food and home cooked food?(飲食店の料理と家庭料理の違いは何か)


  • What social problems are there in your country?(あなたの国ではどんな社会問題があるか)
  • What can be done to alleviate poverty?(貧困を減らすために何がされるか)
  • Are there many charities in your country?(あなたの国では多くのチャリティ活動があるか)
  • What is the difference between major crime and minor crime?(主な犯罪とそうではない犯罪の違いは何か)
  • Do you think all criminals should go to prison?(すべての犯罪者は刑務所に入るべきだと思うか)
  • Why do so many people move to live in cities?(なぜ多くの人が都市に移り住むのか)
  • What problems does over population cause?(人口の増加はどのような問題を引き起こすか)